ATTENTION: Trainers who are fed up with watching trainers with half of their expertise run high profit gyms.

A Great Trainer Deserves
A Great Business

(and a Stress Free Life)
Finally Transform Your Facility Into A High Profit Gym That Gives You The Income
And Respect You Deserve Without Selling Out, Working Yourself To Death Or
Having To Manage A Huge Staff!
(even if you’re gym is already successful)

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few questions… 

I’m betting on two yes’s and two no’s.

Do you have a passion for fitness?

Are you a great trainer?

Does your the financial success of your business reflect your level of expertise and passion?

Did you go to business school?


Was I right?

Let’s play again. 

Is the “business” of fitness killing a little of your passion?

Does it burn your ass that trainers that are not as good as you have businesses that seem to be doing better than yours?

Have you ever wondered that maybe you’ve got this all wrong?

Have you ever fantasized about burning it all down? 🙂 Cmon. We both know you have.

Now! There IS A Way To Keep
Your Integrity AND Have A
High Profit Gym!


There’s nothing wrong with you or your business. 

You did not get it all wrong. 

Don’t burn it down : )

Your passion can be restored

Your expertise can be acknowledged and valued

You can stick it to those other gyms 🙂 

MORE IMPORTANTLY: You can send the profits of your gym soaring through the roof.




You didn’t go to business school. None of us did. 

Your expertise is in training people. I’ll bet it took years (maybe decades) to lock down that expertise, right? 

How can you be expected to run a business when you were not given the training on how to do that?

You probably built the business you have with sweat, hard work, grinding, pure talent and balls, right?

We’re gonna use all that to get you to the end zone.

You’re probably only on the 50 yard line of your potential right now. 

There’s Another Level Of Profit!

Even If You Have
A Successful Gym Already.

We’ll only have install some fresh thinking about your business.

Here’s the first bit of fresh thinking: 

What Got You Here, Will Not Take You There.

A strength overextended becomes a weakness.

You’re good at what you do so it appears the easiest way for you to build your business is to add more clients.

You’ve been shoveled too much reckless advice.

A flood of new clients will:
Crash your system.
Crush your soul.
Work you to death.


Gurus will try and convince you that more clients will mean more money and more money will solve all of your problems.

NO! It won’t!

More clients are just going to be more work for you. 

Aren’t you already tired? 

When the goal is more clients, the answer is working harder. That’s silly. 

The answer is not more work. 

The ONLY Goal
Is Higher Profits!

The answer is an offense designed around profits. Not effort. 

You’ve muscled this thing to the 50 yard line. You should be proud of yourself. You got guts most people never have. But trying to muscle this thing to the end zone is just going to get you hurt. 

You’re gonna work yourself to death doing it the old way. You’ll have no time for your family, friends and even your own health.

I Have An Offer For You

If you give me your undivided attention for 2 days I will remove the frustration you face, eliminate the stress you feel, knock out the confusion that stands in your way and send you home with a rock solid plan on how you work, what makes you tick, your special gift, the teammates you need to surround yourself with and the offense you need to run to turn your facility into a high profit gym.

You’ll get the attention, respect and income you deserve; and you’ll stick to all those wanna be gyms in your area.

Introducing The
High Profit Gym Intensive

There is nothing like this in the industry.

This is not a seminar. This is taking the success you’ve built (or the vision of what you want to build) and transforming it into a business that serves you and not the other way around.

This is not more information.

This is not more tactics.

This is not trying to make you into a manager.

This is not party time.

This is…

you’ve had enough, 

you will not settle for less, 

cannot continue down this path, 

tired of watching half-wit trainers make more money than you, 

do or die moment 

…to build a model of a business that pays you month after month and MOST IMPORTANTLY uses, serves, acknowledges and values your special gift.

Until now you have probably gone to seminars that teach the addition model.  

The addition model is
You + Their Stuff = A Better You. 

The Addition Model will lead to Tactic-itus. They just throw tactic after tactic at you, hoping something will stick. 

That’s stupid. 

We take you in the exact opposite direction. 

We get to the heart of what your expertise is, the type of training you do, the business you want to build and the income you want. 

Then we apply our High Profit Gym Algorithm, and instead of giving you a bunch of maps, we teach you how to use a GPS. 

It makes sense like this….

If a client came into your facility, what’s the first thing you would do? 

You’d probably ask them what their goals are, get a feel for their situation, what’s worked and not worked, then you’d do an assessment and write a program for them based on your training expertise. 

We’re going to use the exact same process on your business. 

Your clients can’t assess themselves and you’re too close to your business to see the full value and opportunity that is at your feet. 

Let’s Go!

Isn’t Now The Time You Got
The Business A Trainer At
You’re Level Of Expertise Deserves?

The algorithm works like gangbusters because you will never have to do anything unnatural to you. You’ll be propped up in your expertise and then have a rock solid plan on how to fill out your roster with teammates that will make your expertise shine.

Now, that gift might be staying on the floor and building a team to support the business or it might be building out a team to get you off the floor so you can lead out of your expertise.

Either way, it works fast because you already have the tools.

Imagine showing up to your gym and everything is set up and ready to go. You walk out on the floor, Work your magic, give some high fives, chit chat and walk out knowing that there’s an algorithm in place and the right people are there to support your experience so it can shine and the business runs smoothly and profitability because you’re now playing at full capacity.


Imagine walking into your facility and seeing a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders. Your team is working with your clients perfectly inside of your system. You don’t have to micromanage anyone. Everyone is in the right position and you lead from your expertise.

You might start with the first scenario and over time move to the other. It will be your choice.

The algorithm is proven and is automatic.

It’s not hard work being yourself.

It creates a freedom and confidence few business owners ever enjoy.



Keep spinning your wheels having to do all the work yourself because there’s no other way to grow in sight. 

Cross your fingers and hope the next hire you make isn’t the one that’s gonna clean your clock and steal your business right out from under you. 

Having to start over every time a new trainer comes and goes in your business.

Burn the next 10 years pouring your hearts into clients only to watch them leave for other gyms because you’re not at 100% 

…or don’t do anything. Do nothing and keep on getting what you’re getting. 

But, do you think that’s gonna be sustainable 10 years from now? 

Let’s go…

There’s nothing more to discuss. This is a slam-dunk, no-brainer choice.


Honestly, we could puff up our credentials here and tell you why you should listen to us, but it doesn’t help you to tell you the things we’ve done. It only matters to you if we can help you, right? 

We’ll step out of the way and let our clients tell you why you should listen to us, then we’ll give you a short bio. 

Your Head Coach For The Seminar

I’m, Joe Meglio and I own GameChanger Gym, a 6,500 sq ft facility in Springfield New Jersey with over 300 members but it wasn’t always that way.

I started out working for someone else. I grinded for 4 years helping build someone else dream. I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own “facility”. I chuckle when I say facility, it was actually an unused 600sq foot storage room in the back of a baseball facility in a town where I didn’t know a single person. In fact, I lived in a different state and would commute to the gym every day.

I had no unfair advantages and no head starts  I didn’t have any special financing, business skills or equipment and I had to hustle to get the clients I needed to get off the ground.

All that hard work paid off.

After 2 years in the baseball facility we were busting at the seams and I took another leap and opened up my dream facility. A few years later, I purchased a training facility in Maryland. Similar to my first facility, I knew nobody down there and lived 3 hours away. That facility operates every single day without me stepping into it and even more – it’s profitable!

I don’t have any special skills or advantages. What I did have was passion and skill for coaching. If I did have one advantage it would be a rock solid system and I was smart (or maybe dumb) enough to not veer from the system. I followed it to the letter over and over again. The same system I used in the 600 sq foot room is the same system I’m using in both gyms today.

At the High Profit Gym seminar, I will teach you the exact system to the letter. All you’ll have to do is run it.


  • 1

    Are you good at what you do?

  • 2

    Do you have a passion for what you do?

  • 3

    Do you want your spirit back?

  • 4

    Do you want a business that runs as smooth as Tom Brady throwing to Randy Moss?

  • 5

    Do you deserve the income, attention and respect that a man of your expertise deserves?

I thought so,…


1. Keep doing the things you’ve been doing and getting the results you’ve been getting knowing that it’s only going to get harder and harder as the years weigh down on you. 

2. Attend The High Profit Gym Intensive and put our algorithm to work for you so that your expertise will shine in a business that serves you, grows with you and pays you what you’re worth.


You’ll master…

  • Your unique work style and how to build a profit system around it, so you get paid month after month.

  • The teammates to surround yourself with so you can stay in your expertise and you can throw “passes” that land in the end zone.

  • How to spot a trainer who’s secretly looking to steal your business so you never get blindsided by someone who’s gonna take your education, steal your clients and open their own gym.

  • How to set your prices so that you charge what your worth without coming off like a jerk, so you can maximize profits per client and not leave money on table that should be in your bank account.

  • How to sell higher ticket packages to those who are predisposed to buying them without selling at all. This way you get the profits of high ticket offers without coming off like a sleazy sales man.

  • How to objection proof you’re selling process and know exactly what your prospect will say yes to, so you can present the right package.

  • Creating referral offers that don’t make you look cheesy and desperate. You’ll have a process that works on autopilot, gives you a consistent follow up process and maximizes full referral value.

  • The one selling question you should ask every single person who sits down with you, so you set the tone for them becoming a client right off the bat.

  • How to increase your lead flow so you have a steady and predictable revenue model that you can count on in the future.

  • How to eliminate no-shows so you never waste time being stood up by a prospect.

  • Exactly how to structure salary for your teammates so they remain loyal to you but don’t break the bank.

  • The psychological income every employee needs to stay faithful to your business, this way you’re never worried about them taking off and leaving you holding the bag.

  • The reason clients leave and how to stop it long before it happens, so you never have a dip in profits.

  • The secret reason that people are not coming to your gym…you’ll be shocked when you see what others are saying and seeing about your business. It’s losing you money.

  • The 40 things that must happen between the time a prospect calls you and shows up on your front door that guarantees they show up ready to sign up.


Because this is intense work, we can only take 8 gym owners at a time. We spend serious time getting a deep look at each business. There’s no possible way we could do the job we need to do for you if there are more than 8 people in the room.

No exceptions.


The seminar is on May 3rd & 4th, and if you register before April 8th, you’ll save 50% on your registration and invest just three installments of $167.00

Register now before the gym down the street does.

You’ll kick yourself if you see a picture from this event and the guy who owns the gym down the street is sitting in the seat you should be in.


GUARANTEE #1 – If after day one you don’t think this is the absolute best event you’ve ever attended, just tell us and we will refund every single cent you invested. No questions asked and we’ll part as friends.

GUARANTEE #2 – You’ll leave with your spirit renewed, your passion restored and a clean, clear laser like focus on how to build a business around your expertise.

GUARANTEE #3 – Someone will mention how different you are within the first 7 days of returning to your business. Your friends and family will take notice of your newfound confidence and power. Your clients will see a confident trainer who has command over his business.

It’s Time To Move

The seminar is on May 3rd & 4th, and we’ve got 8 seats at the table.

The early bird pricing ends on April 8th. 

When they’re filled, registration will close.

I can’t say when we’ll do it again. Get in on this before it’s too late and other trainers have snatched up all the seats.

Hope to see you in April!

Joe Meglio




Who’s the competitor in your area who you just can’t stand? 

Imagine opening up your Instagram and seeing pic from this seminar and there’s your competitor, the guy you hate, sitting in a seat that should have been yours, and they’re getting in on the algorithm while you’re on the outside looking in. 


Looking back a year from now and things have not budged an Inch and you’re working as hard, or harder, than you ever have and wishing you had jumped when you had the chance. 

Are we pushing you? Pushing your buttons?

Damn right we are. We’re coaches. That’s what we do. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your players is to show them the other team celebrating on the field. 

C’mon, would you still be reading if we had not hit on the right things?

Move into action! 


Here are the answers to our most frequent questions:

What is the date of the seminar?

Seminar is May 3rd & 4th. 9am start time for both days.

Where should I stay during the event?

You can stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield, NJ. We’ll send you an event fact sheet with meeting location and hotel recommendations.

Will you be recording the event?

No, we will not record it. 

Will this be held again?

Probably, but we have no plans to take more than 8 people at a time, so space will always be limited and prices are always going to go up; so you’ll most likely pay more to attend in the future.  

Where will the seminar be located?

Your seminar will be at GameChanger Strength & Performance. We’re at 21 Fadem Road Unit 12, Springfield, NJ 07081.

Just 20 minutes away from Newark Airport.

Can I bring an employee?

We do not recommend bringing an employee. This is for owners. If you want to bring a partner, you can register your partner here for double registration. 

Are you available for coaching?

Yes, but honestly, after this you probably won’t need it. 

How do I join your mastermind?

You have to come to the seminar first. If we think it’s a good fit for you, we’ll extend an invitation after the event is over. 

Last chance to reserve your seat…